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About me


Welcome to my website, where I would like to present the photos I took, but also write a few words about myself.

The website you are currently viewing is a fresh version and several things are still being developed and improved.

I started to focus on photography in the secondary school, i. e. in the 1990s, when Zenit was the most available camera. I started then to collect the equipment for my own photographic darkroom, where I spent many nice moments, but also broadened my technical knowledge, which in today’s digital times is hard to gain. After analog photography has come the time for digital photography and so, since few years, till now, my photos have been created on the basis of this technique, which has its pros and cons, but also disadvantages in comparison to the popular photographic films.

A part of what I have managed to photograph so far, is presented on this page, where I will show new photographs on the current basis.

Since around two years I have been taking pictures of interiors. This area is very interesting and demanding, but also satisfying. You can read more about interior photography in a separate entry on the website.

I invite you to watch and contact me through the convenient form. I work all over the country and abroad.